Last night I told Mel I’d get her coffee ice cream at some point today. Now I’ll have to put clothes on damn it! I hate it when naked day gets disrupted by textilism.

A grey-face left me a compliment at some point yesterday. I’m not sure when since I’m usually checking tumblr on my phone or iPad and you have to dig down to find out you have a message. Really hate that about the apps. Not that I get a lot of things in my ask box. Still, thanks grey face!

I’m excited to start oil painting again, but I’m not sure where I’m going to do it. There isn’t really room in my office. Maybe I’ll paint out on the patio or something. I need to think about what I want to paint before the supplies get here… (and yes, I might do some practice paintings of the supernatural boys, just for kicks, plus I like doing portraits).

I’d really rather be at the beach today. It’s 81 and it’s not even noon. Maybe I’ll have my lunch on the patio today and start my tan… 

I really hate the term “privates” or “private parts”.  It just rubs me wrong. It’s like saying “this part of your body is shameful, you must keep it secret, pretend it doesn’t exist.” Call it what it is, genitals, penis, vulva, vagina, scrotum, testicles. Hell even the slang terms are preferable to “privates,” at least to me.